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Michigan Wetlands Yours to Protect

Michigan Wetlands - Yours to Protect: A Citizen's Guide to Wetland Protection

This guidebook focuses on the range of wetland protection activities from education to review permit applications, there is valuable information to assist concerned citizens, local governments, conservation organizations, landowners, and others in their efforts to initiate and implement wetlands protection activities.This book is a citizen's guide to wetland protection. Since the printing of this book in 2003 there have been many changes in the law, including the Wetland Protection Act. However, the book is still a good source of information for people to use as a tool to protect the wetlands in Michigan.

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Protecting Michigans Wetlands

Protecting Michigan's Wetlands: A Guide for Local Governments

This guidebook is designed for the local government official or interested citizen who faces important questions about wetlands. Understand why wetlands are important and provide information to help you make decisions about the wetlands in your local community.

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Filling the Gaps

Filling the Gaps: Environmental Protection Options for Local Governments

Filling the Gaps was created to equip local officials with important information to consider when making local land use plans, adopting new environmentally focused regulations, or reviewing proposed development.

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A Landowners Guide to Phragmites Control

A Landowner's Guide To Phragmites Control

This guide outlines recommended control methods to address Phragmites; it includes information on herbicide treatment followed by mechanical treatment of the invasive plants. Mowing alone is not an effective control method for Phragmites as regeneration from rhizomes often causes an increase in Phragmites stand density, and can spread viable seeds. 

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Status and Trends of Wetlands 2004 to 2009

Status and Trends of Wetlands in the Conterminous United States 2004 to 2009

This report is the latest in a continuous series spanning 50 years of wetlands data. It represents the most comprehensive and contemporary effort to track wetlands resources at a national scale.

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2012 National Wetlands Plant List

2012 National Wetland Plant List

This national list of wetland plants by species and their wetland ratings provides general botanical information about wetland plants and is used extensively by federal and state agencies, the scientific and academic communities, and the private sector in wetland delineations and the planning and monitoring of wetland mitigation and restoration sites.

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