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GIS Data Available for Download

Lake Shorelines:

These GIS polygon data layers were developed by TOMWC using digital orthophotography (i.e., aerial photos) to provide improved lake shoreline delineations, as well as more accurate perimeter and area statistics. The zip files are named by lake with a suffix indicating the year of the aerial photographs used to develop the data layer.

The following zip folders do NOT contain maps, but rather GIS data files for developing maps. To utilize these files, specific GIS software is required. E.S.R.I and MapInfo are among the companies that produce and sell GIS software. Numerous finished maps (particularly of water features) can be obtained from the Watershed Council for the cost of printing. In addition, the Watershed Council is available to develop and print specific maps. Contact Kevin Cronk at kevin@watershedcouncil.org for more information and pricing.

Click on the "GIS Data" folder to see the lakes that are currently available for download.
GIS Data
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