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Aquavist Network

Aquavist ('ä-kw-vist) noun: A member of Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council's Local Activist Network; from Aqua - water, and Activist - One who seeks change through action.  

Our Mission Statement

The Aquavists are an informed and empowered activist community dedicated to protecting Northern Michigan's waters. We form a unique rapid response team to act as a voice for the waters in Antrim, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, and Emmet counties.

What we do

Aquavists provide support to our neighbors, using our centrally-located Base Camp in Cyberspace! Is there an issue in your county that involves water resources and has you worried? Maybe the thing you are concerned about just happened in a neighboring county. Wouldn't you like to hear how it was handled, and what kind of things you might encounter? Bring it to our attention! Let us know what's going on, what questions you have, and what kind of help you need to address the situation. We want to inform and empower you, and make it easier for you to solve problems and share resources.

Additionally, our state legislature deals with many issues that directly impact our water resources in Northern Michigan. Often, federal issues are also relevant because of our proximity to the Great Lakes. Aquavists will highlight these topics, as well, and provide you with resources to take action.

You can join our email distribution list. To connect with the Aquavists, email grenetta@watershedcouncil.org or call 231-347-1181, ext. 118.

Let's work on it together!

These Aquavist Network pages strive to make things easier for you local activists. Here are many of the resources you need regularly:

  • State & Federal Government Links are listed next.  To view a complete list of current local issues, resource links to local government, citizen groups, and events of interest, click the county buttons at the bottom of this page.

State & Federal Resources

Your state and federal senators and representatives need to hear from you! You can make a difference by taking action on the Current Legislation and Issues. Together we can succeed in preserving our up north heritage - a tradition built around our magnificent waters.

Michigan Executive

Michigan State Legislature

State Agencies

Additional State Resources

Michigan's Federal Delegation

Federal Agencies

To view a complete list of current local issues, resource links to local government, citizen groups, and events of interest, click on the County Button below.
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