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2014-2015 Board of Directors

  • Howard Newkirk, President
  • Al Terry, Vice President
  • John Kafer, Treasurer
  • Jan Quaine, Secretary
  • Tom Adams
  • Dave Clapp
  • Pete DiMercurio
  • Charlie Gano
  • Jim Ford
  • Bob Kingon
  • Dan Mishler
  • Susan Page
  • Claire Rasmussen
  • Sue Reck
  • Pam Roudi
  • Ham Schirmer
  • Scott Smith
  • Susan Stewart

Tom Adams

Tom joined Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council because it is an organization whose sole purpose is doing its part throughout northern Michigan to protect one of the world’s most vital resources: the fresh waters of the Great Lakes Basin. He knows contributing to this cause is helping to pave the way for future generations to enjoy the benefits, beauty, and splendor of the region. Tom has also been a member of the Petoskey Regional Chamber of Commerce Board & Executive Committee, the Little Traverse Association of Home Builders Board, the Perry Farm Village Board, and Vistage of Michigan.

Charlie Gano

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Jim Ford

Jim knows that it’s easy to get complacent about things you see and use everyday. The special water resources in Northern Michigan have played a big part in his life and are critical to the health of the community in many ways. Jim wanted to be a part of Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council’s substantial and reasoned efforts to assure the quality of these resources for the years to come. He has also been a board member and Grant Distribution Committee Member of the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation.

Bob Kingon

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Pam Roudi

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