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Our Mission

The Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council speaks for Northern Michigan's waters. We are dedicated to protecting our lakes, streams, wetlands, and groundwater through respected advocacy, innovative education, technically sound water quality monitoring, thorough research and restoration actions. We achieve our mission by empowering others and we believe in the capacity to make a positive difference. We work locally, regionally and throughout the Great Lakes Basin to achieve our goals.


Our Service Area

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council is the lead organization for water resources protection in Antrim, Charlevoix, Cheboygan, and Emmet Counties. We are dedicated to preserving the heritage of Northern Michigan - a tradition built around our magnificent waters. Water resources in our service area include:

  • More than 2,500 miles of rivers and streams
  • Multiple blue-ribbon trout streams
  • 14 lakes larger than 1,000 acres (among the largest in the State)
  • 38 lakes between 100 - 1,000 acres
  • 184 lakes between 10 - 100 acres
  • 1,600 lakes that are less than 10 acres
  • 339,000 acres of wetlands (according to 2000 Landcover Statistics)

If you would like to see how inland lakes in our service area compare to others throughout the State of Michigan regarding surface area, shoreline distance, depth and watershed size, click here.

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council Service Area Map

List of water bodies and related maps in the
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council service area

A comprehensive list of all lakes, rivers and streams in our service area has been compiled in a spreadsheet (organized by county) and is available for download by clicking here.

To view maps for the various water bodies, click on the appropriate links below.

Petoskey and Bear River

Petoskey Bear River, Ham Marsh Creek, Mud Lake, Schoofs Creek, South Arm Creek, Spring Brook, Tannery Creek, Walloon Lake,

Lake Charlevoix Watershed

Boyne River (eastern Lake Charlevoix)

Boyne River, Dyer Creek, Moyer Creek, Porter Creek, Mud Lake(s), North Branch Boyne River, Schoolhouse Creek, South Branch Boyne River,

Lake Charlevoix and South Arm

Adams Creek, Adams Lake, Bernard Creek, Chanda Creek, Harwood Lake, Horton Creek, Inwood Creek, Lake Charlevoix, Loeb Creek, Lymans Lake, McGeach Creek, Monroe Creek, Nowland Lake, Olstrom Creek, Sear Creek, Stover Creek, Susan Creek, Susan Lake,

Deer Creek (North Jordan Valley)

Brown Creek, Brown S Creek, Collins Creek, Deer Creek, Marsh Ponds, Marvon Creek, Nemecheck Creek, O'Brein Lake, Patricia Lake, Warner Creek, Jordan River Bartholomew Creek, Bennett Creek, Birney Creek, Cascade Creek Green River, Jones Creek, Jordan River, Lanslide Creek, Lilak Creek, Martin Creek, Mill Creek, Scott Creek, Severance Creek, Stevens Creek, Sutton Creek, Webster Creek,

Cheboygan Area

Cheboygan River

Ballard Creek, Branch Little Black River, Cheboygan River, Dynamite Creek, Hatt Creek, Lamprell Creek, Little Black River, Long Lake, Mann Creek, Maxwell Gully, Mullet Creek, Mullet Lake, Tannery Gully,

Huron Shore East

Black Mallard Lake, Black Mallard River, Clear Lake, Grace Creek, Green Creek, Lake Sixteen, Mulligan Creek, Pine Creek, Three Creek, Twin Lakes,

Lower Black River

Beechnut Creek, Black Lake, Black River, Cains Creek, Devereaux Lake, Duck Lake, Elliot Creek, Little Mud Creek, Long Lake, Mud Lake, Myers Creek, Owens Creek, Section Seven Creek, Spring Creek, Wixon Creek,

Black Lake and Upper Black River Watersheds

Canada Creek

Bear Den Lake, Canada Creek, Clear Lake, Francis Lake, Lake Geneva, Loon Lake, Lower and Upper Tomahawk Lake, Montague Creek, Muskellunge Lake, Oxbow Creek, Packer Creek, Shoepac Lake, Tomahawk Creek Flooding, Tomahawk Creek, Twin Tomahawk Lake, Valentine Lake,

Milligan Creek

Dorsy Lake, Gillis Creek, Gokee Creek, Lyons Creek, Milligan Creek, Osmun Lake, Stoney Creek, Welch Creek,

Montmorency Lakes

Bear Lake, East Town Center Lake, Foch Lakes, Horsehead Lake, Jackson Lake, Lake LaBarge, Little Joe Lake, Pug Lake, Stewart Lake, Town Corner Lake, Doty Lake, Town Line Lakes, Virginia Lake, Walled Lake, West Town Corner Lake, Wildfowl Lake,

Rainy River (Onaway East)

Cold Creek, Fisher Creek, Gorman Lakes, Hackett Lake, Healy Lake, Hessler Lake, Little Rainy River, Lower Tomahawk Lake, McAvoy Lake, Rainbow Lake, Rainy River, Rainy River, South Gorman Lake, Stony Creek,

Upper Black River

Dog Lake, Dog Lake, East Branch of the Black River, Hardwood Creek, Kelber Lake, McMasters Creek, Saunders Creek, Silver Lake, Stewart Creek, Tower Pond, Upper Black River,

Maple River and Crooked River

Crooked River (Alanson)

Berry Creek, Branch Minnehaha, Cedar Creek, Crooked Lake, Crooked River, Deer Creek, Mc Phee Creek, Minnehaha Creek, Mud Creek, Pickerel Lake, Round Lake, Sanford Creek, Silver Creek,

Maple River

Brush Creek, Burt Lake, Cold Creek, Douglas Lake, East Branch of the Maple River, Lake Kathleen, Lancaster Lake, Larks Lake, Little Carp River, Maple River, Munro Lake, Van Creek, West Branch of the Maple River,

Carp River and Mackinaw

Paradise Lake Area

Arnott Lake, Galloway Lake, Lake Paradise, Lawrence Lake, Lost Lake, Malony Lake, Nolten Lake, Penny Lake, Sherett Lake, Sommers Lake, Twin Lake

Mackinaw Straits

Canada Goose Pond, Carp Lake, Carp River, Certon Creek, Cope Creek, Dow Lake, French Farm Lake, Mill Creek, Mud Creek, Mud Lake, O'Neal Lake, West Branch Creek, Wycamp Lake,

Sturgeon and Pigeon River Watersheds

Pigeon River

Cochran Lake, Cornwall Creek Flooding, Duck Stream, Grass Lake, Lansing Club Pond, Little Pigeon River, Pigeon River, Roberts Lake, Shade Creek, Wukes Creek,

Sturgeon River

Club Stream, Crumley Creek, Indian River, Little Sturgeon River, Mossblack Creek, Standard Lake, Stewart Creek, Sturgeon River, Thumb Lake, West Branch Sturgeon River,

Wolverine Lakes

Barhite Lake, Corey Lake, Cornwall Lake, Doe Lake, Fulmer Lake, Goose Lake, Hackett Lake, Hemlock Lake, Lance Lake, MacAndrews Lake, Mud Lake, Silver Lake, Weber Lake, Wildwood Lake,

Gaylord Area (headwaters of Sturgeon, Pigeon, and Upper Black)

Gaylord Lakes

Berry Lake, Big Lake, Bows Lake, Clifford Lake, Deer Lake, Denny Lake, Fitzek Lake, Flott Lake, Heart Lake, Hoffman Lake, Kidney Lake, Lake Twentyseven, Lewis Lake, Martin Lake, Oley Lake, Olund Lake, Petifor Lake, West Lake, Woodlin Lake,

Elk River Chain of Lakes

Elk Rapids

Barker Creek, Bass Lake, Battle Creek, Bissell Creek, Bissell Pond, Crow Creek, Desmond Creek, Elk Lake, Haynes Lake, Lake Skegemog, Little Rapid River, Petobego Lake, Rapid River, Rugg Pond, Spencer Creek, Torch River, Turax Lake, Williamsburg Creek,


Birch Lake, Blair Lake, Cedar River, Clam Lake, Cold Creek, Finch Creek, Fisk Creek, Grass Creek, Grass River, Green Lake, Intermediate Lake, Intermediate River, Lake Bellaire, Lake Maplehurst, Lake of the Woods, Mud Lake, North Branch Cedar River, Openo Creek, Paradine Creek, Shanty Creek, Thayer Lake, Torch Lake,


Antrim Creek, Ben Way Creek, Eastport Creek, Green River, Guyer Creek, Mud Lake, Olgetree Creek, Toad Creek, Toad Lake, Wilkinson Creek,

Ellsworth (Chain of Lakes)

Ben Way Lake, Ellsworth Lake, Intermediate River, King Creek, Little Torch Lake, Marion Creek, Mason Creek, Molbo Lake, Saint Clair Creek, Skinner Creek, Skinner Lake, Vonstraten Creek, Wilson Lake

Ellsworth Lakes (to north)

Carpenter Lake, Cunningham Lake, Eaton Lake, Harwood Lake, Lake Marion, Little Torch Lake, Lymans Lake, Matchell Lake, Mitchel Lake, Skinner Lake (antrim), Skinner Lake (charlevoix), Steele Lake, Twin Lakes, Intermediate River (Upper Chain of Lakes) Beal Creek, Beals Lake, Dingman River, Hitchcock Creek, Intermediate River, Liscon Creek, Scott Lake, Seamon Creek, Sixmile Lake, Smith Creek, Spence Creek, Taylor Creek, Vance Creek,

Kalkaska Lakes

Barnard Lake, Bird Lake, Blue Lake, Croy Lake, Davis Lake, Little Wheeler Lake, Log Lake, Peters Lake, Priests Lake, Southwell Lake, Wheeler Lake,

Mancelona Lakes

Bates Lake, Boat Lake, Browning Lake, Deer Lake, Five Lake, Grass Lake, Green Lake, Hawk Lake, Johnson Pond, Lake Arthur, Lake Harold, Nelson Lake, Peckham Lake, Sand Lake, Satterly Lake, Smith Lake, Tille Lake, Wetzel Lake,

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