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Water Resources
Great Lakes
Lake Michigan
Lake Huron
Lake Superior
Lake Erie
Lake Ontario
Threats to the Great Lakes
Great Lakes Water Levels
Historic, Current, and Projected
Influences on Great Lakes Water Levels
Frequently Asked Questions
International Upper Great Lakes Study
Inland Lakes
Black Lake
Burt Lake
Lake Charlevoix
Lake Charlevoix Shoreline Survey Results
Lake Charlevoix Tributary Monitoring Report
Douglas Lake - Cheboygan Co
Elk & Skegemog Lakes
Elk River Chain of Lakes
Small Gem Lakes
Mullett Lake
Paradise (Carp) Lake
Pickerel & Crooked Lake
2012 Pickerel-Crooked Lakes Shoreline Survey
Walloon Lake
Walloon Lake Greenbelt Survey 2011
Walloon Lake Aquatic Plant Survey 2013
Fineout and Schoofs Creek Monitoring Survey 2013
Rivers & Streams
Rivers and Streams in Our Service Area
Wetland Issues
Coastal Wetlands and Great Lakes Shoreline Management
Types of Wetlands
Benefits of Wetlands
Wetland Losses and Threats
Wetland Flora and Fauna
Wetland Regulations
Wetland Permitting
Wetland Identification and Deliniation
Wetland Resources
Wetlands Near You
Watershed Management
Black Lake Watershed
Cheboygan River Watershed
Elk River Watershed
Elk River Chain of Lakes Watershed Committee
Lake Charlevoix Watershed
Lake Charlevoix Watershed Committee
Little Traverse Bay Watershed
Little Traverse Bay Watershed Committee
Little Traverse Bay - Stormwater Basins
Little Traverse Bay Protection and Resoration Fund
Road Stream Crossing Inventory
Larks Lake Watershed
Mullett Lake Watershed
Pickerel-Crooked Lake Watershed
Walloon Lake Watershed
Mullett Creek Watershed Plan
Aquatic Invasive Species
Asian Carp
How to Identify Asian Carp
Detailed Timeline
Recent Events
Court Cases and Legal Action
Asian Carp Studies and Reports
How You Can Help
Bloody Red Shrimp
Curly-Leaf Pondweed
Eurasian Ruffe
Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM)
European Frogbit
Invasive Knotweed
Purple Loosestrife
Quagga Mussels
Rusty Crawfish
Round Gobies
Sea Lamprey
Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS)
Zebra Mussels
Avian Botulism
Clean Boating
Beach Sanding
Offshore Wind Energy
Climate Change
Coal-Tar Sealant and PAH Contamination
Fertilizing Tips
Freshwater Center
Hydraulic Fracturing
Michigan’s Oil and Gas History
Regulations and Exemptions
Baseline Testing
What We Are Doing to Protect Michigans Waters
Proposed New Rules for Hydraulic Fracturing Operations in Michigan
Landscaping with Native Plants
Mercury in the Great Lakes
Microbeads in the Great Lakes
Nonpoint Source Pollution
Pharmaceuticals In Our Waters
Rain Barrel SALE
Frequently Asked Questions
Rain Gardens
Bay View Association Rain Garden Initiative
Stormwater Terminology
Native Plants for Wetter Conditions
Native Plants for Drier Conditions
Photo Gallery
Septic Systems
Swimmers Itch
Water FAQ
Water Quality Monitoring Data Parameters
Stormwater for Kids
Stormwater Matters
Policy & Advocacy
Federal Policy Initiatives
State Policy Initiatives
Local Policy Initiatives
Bay Harbor Update
History of Bay Harbor and East Park
Frequently Asked Questions
Contamination and Remediation Timeline
Policy and Advocacy Services
Watershed Management
Comprehensive Water Quality Monitoring Program
Volunteer Lake Monitoring
What does a Volunteer Lake Monitor do
Lake Profiles
Lake Characterization and Trophic Status
Volunteer Stream Monitoring
Local Resources
State & Federal Resources
Restoration Videos
Dam Removal
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Policy and Advocacy
Watershed Protection and Restoration
Monitoring and Research
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Freshwater Center
Employment Opportunities
Internship Program
Bear River Cleanup
Whale of a Sale
Northern Michigan Pipeline Symposium
Presentation Summary - PHMSA
Presentation Summary - Enbridge
Presentation Summary - EPA
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